Boarding & Indexing

Faster and more accurate review, data entry and indexing of application information and associated documents

Customer achieved Top 2 ranking in JD Power 2015 U.S. Primary Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study Case Study

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Review and quality check of initial disclosure and other documents

Review of fees, cost and other documents to ensure accuracy and verify the defined disclosure timelines and guidelines are met

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Administrative & verification support
for processing

Review of application information and identification of data discrepancies against client guidelines/ checklists to reduce rework

SLK has helped its customers reduce their processing time by over 20% Case Study

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Review third party documentation and enter data

Review and verification of third party documentation and input of information into the origination system.

Identify deficiencies in application form and docs

Review, identify and notate deficiencies in the submitted application form and all associated documents quickly and accurately

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Quality check of appraisal documents

Review of appraisal documents to check for accuracy/ discrepancies Read More

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Review of documents/ data used by underwriters

Review and quality check of documents and data used by underwriters to help improve the accuracy of underwriter decisions

40% improvement in pend error detection rates by reviewing of data & documents used by underwriters Case Study

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Fraud identification quality check

Review of documents to identify risky and questionable transactions prior to and post funding

Identifying fraudulent transactions of over $21 million Case Study

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Pre-closing quality check

Review of documents, information and file to identify deficiencies prior to finalization of fees and cost associated with the approval of an application

37% Reduction in Closing Pend Rates for a Large Lender Case Study

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Pre-funding quality check

Review of documents, information and file to identify any deficiencies and to ensure completeness of documentation prior to deal execution/ funding.

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Closing Worksheet initial preparation

Input data for and review closing worksheet to compute and verify fees and associated costs based on information included in the file

Enhancing customer satisfaction with support for 25% faster closing turn time Case Study

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Closing Disclosure review and quality check

Compare and balance details on fees and cost details between the funding system and the associated closing worksheet.

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Postclose quality checks

Review of file to identify deficiencies and check for completeness of documents for portfolio and/ or for sale in the secondary market.

Reducing Post-Closing “Pend” Errors by 85% Case Study

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RESPA QC review & corrections

Review of communication including fees, cost and other documents as per the defined timelines. Identify and notify of discrepancies to ensure correctness

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HMDA Reporting data entry

Review and input information regarding action taken based on communications between the institution and its customer within the defined timelines, in case of denial or withdrawal

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Forensic review of loan package

Review of existing performance ratios to enhance salability in the secondary market through analytical models

Identifying possible defaults through analytical models using DTI% Case Study

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Account Maintenance Support

Assist in routing and generating documents in response to customer requests ranging from name and address changes, 1098 forms requests, waiver of fees, amortization schedule to credit reports correction.

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Payment Entry and QC

Data entry for payment checks and exceptions, posting to account, correcting misapplied payments, excess funds, mortgage payment returns and bankruptcy warnings, etc.

20% Cost Reduction in Loan Servicing Case Study

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Escrow, Taxes & Insurance Account Support

Assist in generating documents and perform QC throughout the escrow process, including creation, modification, maintenance and deletion of escrow accounts and generation of reports of Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI) paid.

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Lien Release Initial Preparation

Draft documents to release the lien on the property post mortgage loan payoff.

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Collections Support

Early stage collections including relaying information on loan modifications and customer contact (performed by a licensed affiliate)

Supported by our mortgage servicing experience and Voice-based services.

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Real Time Property Tax and Municipal Lien Certificates

Nationwide real estate tax and municipal lien reporting at the click of a button.

Avoid costly penalties from outstanding property taxes, code violations, etc Read More

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Real Estate Property Tax Servicing

End to end property tax servicing for Residential and Commercial properties.

One stop shop for tax search, payment processing, claims management Read More

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Workflow Solution

Use of analytics, data reporting and mortgage processing knowledge for comprehensive workflow improvement.

Reengineering Assessment of Lockbox Services for a Leading Commercial Bank Case Study

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Data Extraction

Loan Registration, inputting and indexing combined with checking for completeness, verification of documents as well as calculations for the loan Read More

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Operational Risk Assessment

Structured methodology for process mapping, assessment of risk controls, prioritization and roadmap for addressing control issues Read More

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High-end complex analytics function, Quality Assurance, analysis of performance of operations (closing, processing, etc)
Analytics services

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Order Entry

Accurate entry and validation of every (manual) order to avoid misplacement, delay or duplication of orders.

SLK has helped its customers reduce their loan processing time by over 25% Case Study

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Quicker assignment of orders to appraisers/vendors - selected based on their rating, proximity, price and availability; tracking appraiser appointments and updating the client on delays.

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Payment Term

Detailed verification of all payments received to ensure accuracy and to identify charges or refunds.

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Voice Support

Leverage our voice capabilities to assign and track rush orders and to handle fee quote requests Voice Based Services

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Order Follow-up

Follow up on orders assigned to appraisers, validating and updating expected order completion time.

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Inspection Scheduling

Tracking of appraiser appointments, confirmation of appointment, updating clients on delays, reallocation of revision and updates.

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Document Procurement/Verification

Reviewing Appraiser's License and validation of E&O Insurance, expiry date, License #, Name & Expiry Date.

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Appraiser/Client Communication

Managing communication between the lender and the appraisers using Voice Based Services

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Review Appraisal Reports

Initial quality control of appraisals to verify compliance to guidelines and regulations.

Improving Appraisal review cycle time by over 20% Case Study

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Post Completion Appraisal Review

QC of appraisal reports based on revisions; review if any further revisions are required post initial submission of the report to the clients.

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Value Variance Reviews

Review and exception handling of valuation where the variance is above threshold set by the customer.

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Broker Price Opinion

Accurate, consistent and timely BPOs delivered via web and mobile devices.

Looking for Accurate and Consistent Broker Price Opinions Read More

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Appraiser Management

Registration of new appraisers, including document collection, verification, and reference check, managing license and insurance expiration, receipt of signed contracts,etc.

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Lender Management

Setting up/registration of lenders/clients on the Appraisal Management platform. Manage the lender relationships.

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Add-on services to valuation services to complete portfolio of offerings that an AMC can offer.

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We deliver accurate, consistent and timely Broker Price Opinions leveraging a nationwide professional broker network.

Support to round off an AMC’s service offerings Read More

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