LoanAccel is a digital mortgage origination support platform that works with the lender’s current system
using automation and process excellence to help originators, processors, and underwriters
drive more productivity and efficiency.

We help lenders achieve:

16-Day clear to close

Close faster with agile workflows and re-engineered parallel process flows.

17.6% higher pull thru

Eliminate rework with automatic follow-ups and loan-level tracking.

67% improved underwriting efficiency

Boost productivity with decision-ready loans submitted straight to underwriter.

Powered by 18+ years of industry experience, LoanAccel is a 'ready to go' framework that easily works with any LOS.

Our services include:

Business impact delivered

Clear to close in 16 days, app to uw time less than 1 hour for 1-touch files

  • Clear to close in 16 days
    • 2.7 days quicker App to UW
    • 6.1 days faster clearing of conditions to obtain final approval
    • 1.8 days quicker move of loans from final approval to funding
  • Reduced re-work
    • Underwriter provided final approval within 2-touches
    • 77% increase in one touch submission to Underwriting


In addition to LoanAccel, our other solutions include:

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