SLK’s services range from high volume data entry to judgment focused business intelligence solutions across the Banking, Lending, Healthcare, Insurance and other industries. Some of these are offered as pre-built solutions, and all of them can be customized for specific industries and for specific customers by our Subject Matter Experts to enable rapid business impact.

Analytics & Reporting

    • Operational Analytics / Performance Management
      Deep dive of processes, value stream map, etc. to analyze existing processes and recommend solutions for improved performance.
    • Residential Mortgage Underwriting
      Comprehensive qualification of loan applications while improving underwriting quality and salability.
    • Credit Card/ Auto Loan/ Personal Loan Underwriting
      Underwriting support by verifying credit history and other details for auto, personal, equity and credit card loans.
    • Financial Statement Spreading
      Better lending decisions by analyzing client's financial statements into Moody's risk analyst template to show Probability of Default (PD) rating, financial ratios , etc.
    • Mortgage Fraud Detection
      Review of loans with high fraud score and audit the complete loan file including multiple documents like paystubs etc.
    • Deposit Fraud Detection
      Research of customer account deposits for patterns and exceptions to detect deposit fraud. Either charge off the customer’s bank account or issue a bank check to the customer.
    • Card Fraud/ Card Non-Fraud
      Case preparation, indexing and proper case routing/or full completion for all unauthorized transactions that have posted to a customer’s debit or credit card and typically involves billing errors, goods or services issues, and ATM dispense and deposit issues.
    • Disputes
      Resolution of disputes based on documents received from cardholders and merchants; these are done on behalf of Banks or Payment Processors.
    • Tax Research
      Research of Property taxes, current/ delinquent tax Information, Municipal lien searches and tax servicing support.
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Risk & Compliance Management

    • Operations Risk Assessment
      Identification of risk across Banking and Mortgage operations through a minimally intrusive & quick expert analysis of operations in current state.
    • Real Time AML/KYC/Fraud Management
      Comprehensive and real time AML/KYC/Fraud Management Solution for Banks to identify cross channel cross product fraud.
    • Commercial Lending Quality Assurance - Pre & Post Close
      Quality Control of loan and collaterals documents or verification against the origination system as well as for completeness and consistency.
    • Commercial Lending - Post Booking
      Quality control of Loans boarded. Verification of collaterals, documentations review.
    • Commercial/Participation QA
      Quality control and exception processing of loan documents related to participation/ syndicated commercial loans.
    • Mortgage Fraud Risk
      Detection/ prevention of closing of loans by reviewing loans with high fraud score and auditing the complete loan file including paystubs, borrower information, to flag potentially fraudulent items.
    • Automated Mortgage Compliance Audits
      Loan-level automated compliance audit against the latest federal, state, local, TRID and other regulations for compliance.
    • Branch Audit
      Reconciliation of multiple branch accounts every end of day to achieve better treasury cash management.
    • Third Party Vendor Risk Management
      Assessing and periodically managing vendor risk from a regulatory compliance standpoint to reduce third party risk as required for financial institutions.
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Data Digitization & Processing

    • Document Storage & Transportation
      Partnerships to allow pickup, storage, archival, retrieval and destruction of physical documents used in day-to-day business transactions.
    • Document Imaging/OCR
      Image quality verification, enhancement, trimming/resizing, rotating to ensure readability and quality.
    • Data Entry
      Extensive and varied experience in OCR output verification, correction and OCR efficiency analysis. Single and double-entry checks, blind data entry checks and other methods to reduce error rates.
    • Indexing
      Over 25 million documents indexed annually with turn times starting from 30 minutes. Document naming, indexing, linking and index verification.
    • Business Rules Verification/Calculations/Automation
      Application of business rules to documents that have undergone data extraction/ indexing to check for consistency, completeness. Calculation of fees, ratios, values for processing of documents using automated and manual tools.
    • Document Verification
      Image to system check - Verification that focuses on checking completeness and quality of documents that have been processed.
    • Archival/ Retrieval
      Conversion to document images including statements, checks, etc and tagging for archival, .Retrieval of archived documents from repository and dispatching via email/ mail to requester.
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Finance & Accounting

    • Procure to Pay (Payables)
      Functions that include invoice data capture and processing, payment processing (e.g. invoices, controlled disbursement, direct debit, positive pay, etc.), account reconciliation of journals, transactions and balances.
    • Order to Cash (Receivables)
      Cash application of received payments, collections (including early and late stage receivable), reporting/ reconciliation of all transactions.
    • General Accounting
      Managing of all account reconciliation and journal entries for the organization.
    • Closing and reporting
      Closing functions like trial balance analysis, reporting for internal and external stakeholders.
    • Treasury & Tax
      Banking operations (including reducing mismatched payments, fraud detection, virtual vault cash management., tax returns/accounting and capital planning/allocation.
    • Financial Planning & Analysis
      Budgeting and forecasting cash flow analysis and business/sales analysis.
    • Compliance
      Compliance to regulations, mapping and internal audit of processes and management reporting.
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Human Resources Management

    • Sourcing & Screening
      Applicant tracking, interview scheduling and background verification of potential candidates.
    • Interview scheduling
      Coordination schedules with internal stakeholders and candidate; re-scheduling, tracking of completion of interviews.
    • Offer letter roll out
      Template and checklist-based solutions for matching job descriptions and positions, job pricing, base pay and compensation calculations, offer letters meeting compliance and organization guidelines, payroll preparation, etc.
    • Reporting
      Use of templates and custom reports to disseminate status of sourcing, screening, interviews, offer rollout and onboarding.
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