Check Digitization and Processing

Day 1 Services : Item Processing - Sustaining over 99.9% accuracy in keying scanned rejects.

Day 2 Services : Adjustments, Exceptions and Returns - Evaluate and correct errors like incorrectly encoded checks, duplicate/countervailing requests, poor quality check images, posted twice.

Sustaining over 99.9% accuracy in keying scanned rejects Case Study

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Lockbox Exception Processing and Transmission

Complete back-office support for Consumers/Business checks and invoices including bespoke requests if any and transmission of data files to customers.

Six sigma accuracy - 99.9977% to 99.9998% - in lockbox processing Case Study

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ACH Returns & Research Requests

Investigation of ACH returns and adjustments to address open items.

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ACH Disputes

Level 1 & Level 2 disputes, including for ACH transactions - Research, validation and entry of adjustments for merchant transactions.

Reducing ACH exceptions processing turn time by 40% and costs by 45% or a Top U.S. bank. Case Study

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Statement and Check Support

Handling of customer requests like retrieval of current/archived statements and check copies. Retrieved documents emailed back to the customer.

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Return Mail

Manage returned statements and other documents (due to incorrect address/ address change). Evaluation and entering any corrections, resending of statements.

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Centralized Request Management

Support for email requests of the bank's customers, including routing to appropriate group for resolution (e.g. Handling of check or statement, credit references, incorrect payment application, errors in encoding).

Managing 100+ queues in centralized email support for Commercial Banking customers Case Study

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Email Support

Email support for Retail Bank customers including handling Internet Banking queries

Supported by Voice Based Services

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Product Setup

Setup and maintenance of products including Lockbox, ACH, Account Reconciliation (Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay and Payee Name verification, CDA, Sweeps, Cash/Virtual vault, Commercial Cards, Zero Balance Accounts) and customer training on these products.

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Positive Pay, Deposit Fraud

Reducing mismatched payments, fraud and achieving beginning of day deadlines for payments.

$2.8 Million worth of fraudulent items detected in 3 months Case Study

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Cash & Virtual Vault

Reconciliation from delivery and collection of checks and cash - including for cash management vendors.

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Account Opening

Setup and maintenance of multiple types of Business and Corporate accounts; also setup and verification of Wire accounts.

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Account Maintenance

Modification and deletion of accounts for commercial and consumer customers, return request maintenance, maintenance of wholesale Lockbox accounts, retrieving balance information, Controlled Disbursement accounts, credit cards etc.

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Brokerage Services

Indexing of documents, routing requests, checking licenses of intermediaries for validity, linking of annuity accounts.

Full suite of Indexing and Document Processing capabilities Read More

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Capital Markets

Creation of accounts, maintenance of information on accounts based on customer request.

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Security Services

Update records of agents license and appointments, routing of faxed request, entry of life insurance information.

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