Operations Risk Assessment

Identify risk across the Banking and Mortgage operations and includes a minimally intrusive & quick expert analysis of operations in current state.

Addressing potential risk in Commercial Banking statement generation Case Study

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Real Time AML/KYC/Fraud Management

Comprehensive and real time AML/KYC/Fraud Management Solution for Banks to identify cross channel cross product fraud. Read More

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Commercial Lending Quality Assurance - Pre & Post Close

Quality Control of loan and collaterals documents or verification against the origination system as well as for completeness and consistency.

10% Improvement in Quality and 6% reduction in Exception transactions Case Study

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Commercial Lending - Post Booking

Quality control of Loans boarded. Verification of collaterals, documentations review.

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Commercial/Participation QA

Quality control and exception processing of loan documents related to participation/ syndicated commercial loans. Read More

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Mortgage Fraud Risk

Detection/ prevention of closing of loans by reviewing loans with high fraud score and auditing the complete loan file including paystubs, borrower information, to flag potentially fraudulent items.

$21 million in fraudulent loans identified for a mortgage lender Case Study

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Automated Mortgage Compliance Audits

Loan-level automated compliance audit against the latest federal, state, local, TRID and other regulations for compliance . Read More

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Branch Audit

Reconciliation of multiple branch accounts every end of day to achieve better treasury cash management.

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Third Party Vendor Risk Management

Assessing and periodically managing Vendor risk from a regulatory compliance standpoint to reduce third party risk as required for financial institutions.

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