iconEmpowering to Succeed

We are a result oriented company that strive for excellence through everything we do. Our deep relationship with our clients reflect who our employees are. We are an innovative organization who believe that any individual with the right spirit can contribute positively towards building the organization and empower our employees with the necessary platforms they need.

iconConducive Workplace

Our nurturing culture is a testament to our values. We believe in providing a respectful and inclusive workplace and, care and inspire trust in whatever we do. We believe that a work-life balance is key to long lasting employee relationships and provide avenues through employee friendly policies to achieve the same.

iconIntegrity. Equality. Sustained Prosperity

We value transparency and integrity. Our Code of Ethics underlies all our people transactions. SLK’s culture encourages different perspectives, challenging the status quo, resulting in continuous innovation. Sustained prosperity is realized by establishing a strong foundation that allows our employees to grow into successful leaders of tomorrow.


Our Prized Possession

Vidya Varji

Deputy Manager, Research & Analyst Relations, SLK Software

It has indeed been an enriching and exciting experience at SLK. I have had opportunities to work on many innovative projects, while supporting new customer acquisitions. Thanks to the senior management team for being very supportive at all times and constantly encouraging me to explore my ideas at work. SLK has a winning workplace culture and employee friendly policies and I’m truly glad to be here.


Santosh Jadhav

Senior Trainer, Learning & Development, SLK Global

I have been with SLK for almost two years. SLK is one of the growing MNCs in IT and ITES. People working here are highly optimistic and work together towards achieving the organization’s Vision and Mission. We conduct various learning programs for our employees. We don’ t only motivate the employees, but also give knowledge and build skills to work efficiently.


Toni Mann

Assistant Manager-HRM, SLK Software

I would describe SLK as an organization that invests time and energy in not what is, but what can be. Since I’ ve started at SLK I’ ve had the pleasure to learn and embrace the true meaning of cultural intelligence and for one to be successful in a global organization, this needs to be embraced whole-heartedly. I enjoy working at SLK as my drive and passion create a meaningful impact with the people and the processes, helping the company grow stronger.


Lawson Monteiro

Process Training Manager, SLK Global

As a Process Training Manager, my role is to ensure that the process knowledge is effectively documented, disseminated and updated which ensures that the employees have the real time comprehensive knowledge required to perform their role effectively, thereby leading to customer delight! SLK has been a very stable organization over the last 15 years and has huge potential to be a market leader. SLK has taught me that though sometimes one can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.


Praveen Surha

Senior Manager, Operations, SLK Global

SLK Group is a team of professionals, always geared up to provide combo solutions to customers' software and outsourcing requirement. I have had the opportunity to work with great leaders and interact with the SLK Software team to offer combined solutions to our customer. My work has an impact on the day to day operations’ excellence by providing value add to the process E2E, thereby delighting both our customers and end customers.


Steven Hearn

Senior Director, Business Development, SLK Software

Having started with the company back in 2001, an unwavering focus on the customer was the cornerstone of SLK’s growth and customer following.  In 2016, I continue to work closely with our new and emerging customers and the SLK edict for customer attention and authentic servicing has not waned. This genetic structure and company culture penetrates at every level. While I am proud of the execution and innovation we have delivered over the years, I am most proud of SLK’s dedication to the customer and it’s people.


Vedagiri M

Assistant Manager, Banking Services, SLK Global

My biggest learning in my 15 years at SLK has been that change is the only constant. The relationship that we share with clients makes the company the automatic first choice for any opportunity and this is SLK’s biggest strength and I am glad to be one of the participants in creating this strength.


Come Grow with Us

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who match our energies and excitement and enjoy a good challenge. This is a great time to be a part of our journey as we are also venturing into newer markets and diversifying our portfolio into cutting edge technologies. We invite you to come, grow with us!

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